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Spiegelau Style White Wine Glasses Set of 4 – European-Made Crystal, Classic Stemmed, Dishwasher Safe, Professional Quality White Wine Glass


Winetraveler Recommended

Glasses are Ideal for: Full-Bodied and Oaked White Wines

SPIEGLAU is a subsidiary of Riedel. Although distinct, quality is equivalent in both. Since 1521, Spiegelau has combined expertise with the latest glassmaking technologies to design affordable and practical home glassware.

Style Collection Crystal White Wine Glass: This glass is incredibly popular worldwide due to its toughness under pressure and is a favorite in restaurants and wine bars. Holding 15.5 ounces, 8.75 inches tall, and 3.33 inches wide, it’s the closest you’ll get to an indestructible wine glass.

  • EXQUISITE WHITE WINE GLASS SET – This set of white wine glasses will take your sipping experience to a new level. Designed with a narrow rim and bowl to enhance the aroma of white wines, this crystal stemware is ideal for entertaining.
  • HIGH-END STEMWARE WITH TIMELESS ELEGANCE – The top choice for wine connoisseurs and world-class hospitality, this award-winning wine glass set elevates your favorite white wine. These premium wine glasses are the perfect gift for a wine lover.
  • FLAWLESS LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL – Spiegelau’s expertise results in unblemished, brilliantly clear glassware. Lead-free and seamless, this refined set of wine glasses highlights the natural hue and viscosity of each wine for a holistic tasting experience.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Spiegelau’s Platinum Glass process ensures brilliance and crystal clarity. Even when run through 1,500 dishwasher cycles during testing processes, these wine glasses remained flawless, without scratching, fogging, or loss of brilliance.
  • 500 YEARS OF GERMAN CRAFTSMANSHIP – Spiegelau brings centuries of expert craftsmanship to glassware. Spiegelau is part of a proud tradition of elegance and quality, yet perfectly at home with modern lifestyles. Enjoy wine in the glass it deserves.


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