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Burgundy-style Red Wine Glass ROVSYA Set of 4, Hand Blown Crystal – 21 OZ – Light, Clear, Ultra-thin

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Glasses are Ideal for: Light to Medium-bodied Red Wines, Aged Red Wines

  • Exclusive Craftsmanship Hand Blown: ROVSYA red wine glasses are exquisitely crafted. This means that each special product is individually mouth blown and hand-finished in 5 mins by skilled artisans. Hand-blown crystal wine glasses are generally lighter, thinner, and more graceful than machine-made ones.
  • Perfect Wine Pairing – Wine Aerator: Glass set includes a wine aerator. Infuse your wine with oxygen, allowing the wine to breathe immediately without additional decanting. Cheers and happy sipping!
  • Elegant Crystal Glasses Refract Light: Lead-Free Premium crystal glasses also refract light, which is quite desirable when ogling your wine.
  • Beautiful Sound Resonates: Sound resonates when you flick or clink a piece of crystal. Tap the piece gently along the rim with your fingernail.
  • Allowing for the Purest Wine Tasting Experience: These Burgundy-style glasses are finished with 1mm smooth rims and pulled stems. The large bowl allow for a larger surface area, letting tight red wines breathe, while trapping the delightful aromas beneath the rim.

*ELEGANT BUT FRAGILE*¬†Because crystal is a porous material, it’s best to hand wash. Elegant crystal wine glasses are the most high-end option, keeping them scratch-free is a priority. Ideally, you want to hand wash to extend their lifespan and always for good taste.


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